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Learn about the three types of version control.

Extended version history

Track all updates to the design project. See how any component looked at any time during the project.

Design version management

Adding to your design version control, the design version management tool shows you differences between versions, notifies you about conflicts, and allows you to merge the finished work from your branch into the main design. It is commit-based, so you will have a meaningful message to every commit, enabling you to understand who changes what and when.

Design version control

Branch out. Create copies of your design for team members to work on, and merge them back in when finished. Experimenting, working on different parts of the project simultaneously, or localizing an app — this is simple when you use branches. It’s just like a tree — each branch represents a separate piece of work, growing from the trunk.

Sympli’s tools make all three types
of version control available

Sympli Versions

Full git-based design version management tool for Sketch. Create branches, resolve conflicts and merge changes automatically. Update your main design and provide context to past design decisions with commits.

Sympli Handoff

Handoff tool providing unlimited version history and peace of mind when collaborating on designs. The visual difference tool highlights the changes made to the design, and the handoff feature shows the team what is truly ready for production.

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