Turn design into
a growth driver

Accelerate your product goals with the leading platform for design automation and performance

Iterate & launch products faster than ever

Sympli cuts design-to-development time by 20 percent or more for each design iteration.

Unify design tool in one place

Top product teams use a mix of design tooling, from Figma, to Sketch, to Adobe, to Xcode. Sympli is tool-agnostic, aggregating all your key data and assets into a single source of truth. Eliminate missed deadlines, communication gaps and sub-par execution. With Sympli, product teams stop guessing and start knowing.

Leverage product data to make better decisions

The ability to make informed design decisions based on data and feedback is mission-critical. Modern product design is a moving target calling for constant iteration. New data points and evolving user needs can seem overwhelming. Sympli helps leverage product data to avoid costly re-designs by helping teams focus on the optimizations and improvements leading to higher conversion rates, NPS, revenue and growth.

More Features

File version control

Sympli Versions remembers all copies and commits and can merge or revert changes as needed.

Auto-generate specs & assets

Automated asset and spec generation in IDE plugins.

Real-time visual diffs

Visual Design Diff solves the tedious tasks of finding differences by highlighting all changes.

How Visa Increased Product Release Velocity With Sympli

Product teams at Visa leveraged design-to-development automation for a significant increase in product release speeds.

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