Sympli Updates: Performance and User Experience

December 12, 2022
Sympli Updates: Performance and User Experience

In the last two months, Sympli's team has been working on the performance of our tools and better user experience. We've updated Sympli Versions, Sympli Pulse and Sympli Handoff's plugins for Figma and Sketch. We hope it will make your experience with Sympli seamless and efficient.

Sympli Versions

We've released a new performance update for Sympli Versions:

  • We changed the way of syncing changes and the whole preview generation process. As a result, we eliminated the problem where you had to fetch changes manually after an error. Now the operation is fail-safe and everything runs on its own seamlessly.
  • We improved the performance of the Activity Tab. Now it updates faster and works smoothly.
  • We added clues to the commits' tree to show merges and pulls. You can now understand when the branch was updated from the main and when it was merged too.

Sympli Handoff Figma Plugin

We introduced support for sections in Figma in Sympli Handoff Figma Plugin.

You can now upload designs by choosing the section in our Figma Plugin to upload it to Sympli Handoff. We also support nested sections and tag all the designs that belong to a section, so once they are uploaded, you can easily filter them in the Sympli Handoff.

Sympli Handoff Sketch Plugin

We've updated Sympli Handoff Sketch Plugin - it has a new look now. Our team wanted to make your experience smoother and worked on the consistency of the plugin design and flow.

The export options are now inside the dropdowns, and exports of the designs and the design systems look the same way. The plugin will update automatically.

We hope you enjoy the new updates. Feel free to request new features in our Canny and have great Holidays!


Sympli Team.

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