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•    Introduction to WebLogic Server
        o    What is an application server
        o    JEE
        o    Major subsystems
        o    Product installation

•    WebLogic Domains
        o    Domain overview
        o    Configuration Wizard
        o    HotSpot and JRockit
        o    Starting a managed server
        o    Starting an admin server

•    The Admin Condole
        o    Console tour
        o    Create servers with the console
        o    Monitor a domain
        o    Stop servers

•    Java Management Extensions (JMX)
        o    JMX overview
        o    MBean types
        o    MBean Servers
        o    MBean References

•    WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)
        o    Introduction to WLST
        o    Modes
        o    Configuration MBeans
        o    Runtime MBeans

•    Scripts
        o    Script Generation
        o    Script Recording
        o    Script Recording
        o    wlconfig ANT Task

•    Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)
        o    Introduction to JNDI
        o    JNDI for Administrators
        o    Container-based JNDI service
        o    Startup and Shutdown classes

•    Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
        o    JDBC overview
        o    Driver types
        o    Datasources
        o    Advanced configuration
        o    Monitoring JDBC

•    Deployment
        o    Archive Types
        o    Deployment Tools
        o    Sanity Checking
        o    Side-by-side deployment
        o    Class Loading
        o    Deployment Plans

•    WebLogic Web Container
        o    HTTP Access logs
        o    Virtual hosts
        o    Web server configuration
        o    Tuning the Web Container

•    Java Message Service (JMS)
        o    Introduction to messaging
        o    Configuring JMS Resources
        o    JMS Tuning
        o    Foreign JMS Providers
        o    Message Bridges

•    WebLogic Security
        o    WebLogic security overview
        o    Alternate security providers
        o    JEE declarative security
        o    Security roles and policies
        o    SSL configuration

•    Server Availability
        o    Admin failover
        o    Managed server independence
        o    Machines
        o    Node manager

•    Clustering
        o    Cluster configuration
        o    Replication
        o    Cross-cluster replication
        o    JDBC Clustering

•    Advanced Services
        o    JDBC Multipools
        o    Transaction Services
        o    JMS Transactions
        o    Distributed Destinations

•    Monitoring and Logs
        o    SNMP
        o    Server logs
        o    Domain log
        o    Log filters

•    WebLogic Logging and Diagnostic Framework (WLDF)
        o    Core Services
        o    Instrumentation
        o    Diagnostic images
        o    Dye Marking
        o    WLDF Console Extension

•    Performance Tuning
        o    The JVM
        o    Memory
        o    Garbage collection
        o    Tools
        o    Work managers

•    OAS(OC4J) to WebLogic
        o    Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
        o    Business Components for Java (BC4J)
        o    XML Application descriptors
        o    OC4J Clusters
        o    Session Replication

•    Conclusion

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