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aDULTERY 497 IPC Cheating Spouse (9873540498) Men Cell Delhi Adultery.—Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such case the wife shall not be punishable as an abettor. If any help needed then please contact:- man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur(at)yahoo(dot)com mobile :- +91-9873540498 email:- web:- Women can't be prosecuted for adultery: Supreme Court Only a man can be proceeded against and punished for adultery, but the wife cannot be, even as an abettor, the Supreme Court has ruled. A Bench of Justices Aftab Alam and R.M. Lodha said, “Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code [which deals with adultery] is currently under criticism from certain quarters for showing a strong gender bias, for it makes the position of a married woman almost as a property of her husband. But in terms of the law as it stands, it is evident from a plain reading of the Section that only a man can be proceeded against and punished for … adultery. Indeed, the Section provides expressly that the wife cannot be punished even as an abettor.” Kalyani appealed against an Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment that dismissed her petition against registration of a case for adultery under Section 497 of the IPC and wrongful restraint under Section 341 of the IPC by another woman, Sailaja, who alleged that her husband was in an illicit relationship with her. No case made out Quashing the charges and allowing the appeal, the Bench said: “The mere fact that the appellant is a woman makes her completely immune to the charge of adultery, and she cannot be proceeded against is evident from a plain reading of Section 497…” As for Section 341, the Bench said: “On the basis of the allegation made in the complaint, we fail to see how the charge of wrongful restraint can be made out against the appellant. All the allegations in the complaint taken on their face value do not make out any case against the accused. “We are, therefore, satisfied that the proceedings against the appellant are equally fit to be quashed, and the High Court was in error in not allowing the quashing application filed by the appellant.” If any help needed then please contact:- man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur(at)yahoo(dot)com mobile :- +91-9873540498 email:- web:- Why Is Centre Not Amending Section 497 Of IPC?Why is it that a married woman is given a blank cheque to indulge in sexual relations with as many men as she likes and yet not be held liable in anyway? At the outset let me begin by expressing my utmost indignation at the callous manner in which Section 497 of the IPC has been allowed to continue unabashed, uninterrupted and unamended even after more than 150 years of its creation! I find it most reprehensible and cannot but raise serious questions over it. No sane person will ever justify the retention of Section 497 in its present form! It disturbs my conscience to the hilt to note that this Section treats a woman as worse than a lunatic. It wrongly assumes a woman to be incapable of having a sound mind and exempts her from punishment even though she herself may lure a man and prompt him to have sexual relations with her with her own free consent. This is just not done. Why are woman activists and woman organisations maintaining a conspicuous silence on it? They must explain and come clean on this. Why is it that a married woman is given a blank cheque under this Section 497 of IPC to indulge in sexual relations with as many men as she likes and yet is not held liable in anyway? Why is it that even though a married woman lures a man to have sexual intercourse with her betraying in the most dastardly manner her own husband with whom she vowed to be loyal always, she is not even slightly punished or even fined? Why is it that only and only the man who has to go to jail for a term of up to five years? Why is it that a husband can take action against any man who indulges in sexual relations with his wife but if the husband does the same thing with another woman the wife cannot do the same? Why is a woman treated as personal property of the husband under our law? Why is a woman not allowed to pull the strings of law in the same manner as a man is allowed under our law? Section 497 of the IPC must be made gender neutral. Also, either both men and women must be punished or no one at all. Why is it that a woman who after getting educated from highly reputed educational hubs, getting a top corporate or government job like IAS, IPS etc is still considered incapable as a person and therefore inspite of being married and sleeping with some person other than her husband is not punishable under IPC? How can this nonsense be justified by any sane person? How can a woman who betrays the unflinching faith of her husband and sleeps with some other person be allowed to escape unpunished and the man alone be subjected to deal with the consequences? Either both of them should be punishable or no one. It cannot be anybody's case that the man alone should be sent behind bars for committing adultery while the woman be held just not liable at all and allowed to escape unpunished and unchecked. The buck has to stop somewhere. A married woman cannot be allowed to lure any man and then not be held accountable at all under our legal system. Many countries have decriminalised adultery. IPC is the creation of England when they ruled over India for nearly 200 years and it is they who inserted Section 497 as a penal offence. What is more surprising is that England itself has decriminalised adultery and does not treat it as a criminal offence! If any help needed then please contact:- man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur(at)yahoo(dot)com mobile :- +91-9873540498 email:- web:-  

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