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These are 100% REAL feather extensions. They are recommended to be installed using micro links and do NOT need heat or glue. They come in a variety of colors from lavender to turquoise to natural and even fall foliage. They can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened, and even curled. They will last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on your care.

These extensions are handmade. These are thin feathers so they blend nicely in the hair and you can treat them just like your hair. You can curl and straighten them on low heat. They are easily applied to hair using a micro link hair crimp, threader and pliers. This is a safe non heated method. They will last for months. Once they grow out you can easily remove them and reapply back into your hair!When you buy an extension you will receive an extension and a micro link crimp.

We are wholesalers of Natural, Washed, Bleashed and Dyed Grizzly Rooster Feathers & Plumage Feathers of premium quality (Grade A). We offer affordable prices and are able to supply large quantities.

sizes available:
-White Grizzly Rooster Feathers (6-8?,8-10?,10-12?,12-14?,14-16?)
-Tan Grizzly Rooster Feathers (6-8?,8-10?,10-12?,12-14?,14-16?)
-Cream Rooster Feathers (6-8?,8-10?,10-12?,12-14?,14-16?)
-Grizzly Rooster Feathers Natural Mix (6-8?,8-10?,10-12?,12-14?,14-16?)
-Long Golden Brown Grizzly Rooster Feathers (8-14 inches)
-Golden Pheasant Feathers (Red Tipped)(10-12?,12-14?,14-16?18-20?)
-Natural Peacock Feather (12-14?,14-16?,16-18?)
-Bleached & Dyed Peacock Feathers (6-8inches)
-Iridescent Blue Peacock Plumage Loose feathers (14-16?,16-18?)

All feathers range from 8 to 20 inches long.
Feathers can be used for many crafts, including earring making, fly tying, hat making, and hair accessories/extensions.
All feathers come from a smoke-free home and are CLEAN and STERILIZED.

-30 feathers in 1 pack
-Price per pack……$12
-Delivery time is 3 days


Black, Red
Blue, Green
White, Yellow
Purple, Oxblood
Pink, Apricot
Burgundy, Chocolate
dusty, Golden Yellow
Grey silver, hot pink
Ivory, Lemon, Light Blue
Lilac,Lime green
Magenta, Mint green
Navy Blue, Olive Green
Orange, Royal
Blue, Teal
Turquoise, Rainbow bright
Natural, Wintergreen
Lavender, Fall foliage
Brown, Dark brown, Blond,
Coachman Brown, Barred Ginger,
Alice blue, Lavender pink, etc…….

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